Greg Critchley enjoyed a successful career as a songwriter, producer and drummer in his native Canada until 2004, when he relocated to Los Angeles. His Canadian career highlights include tours and albums with Canadian icons Kim Mitchell, FM, Lawrence Gowan (now lead singer with Styx) and Rik Emmet (formerly of Triumph). Later Greg's own band, Regatta was signed to Sony/BMG, with whom he penned the top 40 hits "Wherever You Run," and "This Is Love."  It was also during this time that Greg was one of "The Dexters," the house band at The Orbit Room in Toronto Canada. In their 8 years playing together, they backed up Alex Lifeson (Rush), Jose Feliciano,  Deana Carter, The Dixie Chicks, and Toby Keith, among others. They also recorded on dozens of jingles, records and televised awards shows as a sought-after live and session rhythm section. Of mention was the night Alex Lifeson and Geddie Lee were both in attendance at the Orbit Room, and Greg performed a Rush song with the other two members - a drummer's dream (or nightmare).

USA/West Coast:

During his 12 years in LA, Greg has written songs for Idol winners and runner ups (Clay Aiken - USA, Haley Warner - Australia), KSM (Disney), and countless songs, themes and compositions for the Telepictures and CTV Networks, as well as numerous international production libraries (Universal, Megatrax, Extreme Music). He has also worked on multiple platinum-award winning records for High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Camp Rock, Aly and Aj and many others.  As a drummer Greg was a mainstay at LA's Agape Spiritual Center (Michael Beckwith) where he was a member of the house band.  Over the years he also played drums behind Chaka Kahn, Kenny Loggins, Verdine White, Michelle Branch (opening for Aerosmith and The Who in Japan), Curt Smith (Tears For Fears),  Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), and Steve Carrel (The Office) to name a few.

USA/East Coast:

Due to the ever growing capacity of technology in creating the "new normal" of remote clients and online creative collaborations, Greg currently resides in Hilton Head island, SC (his lifelong favorite vacation destination) where he works out of his production studio, "The Sound".  His clients are international as well as local, and he draws on the peaceful seaside location, close-knit musical community and artistic hotbed of Hilton Head for inspiration.