(1) For singers, bands and solo artists I provide the services of song writing, co-writing, producing, arranging, recording, mixing, editing, and mastering. I can do all of this or only some of this, depending on your needs. Call me for a free phone consult and samples of my work.

(2) I play several instruments myself (I've had a long, still active career as a session drummer), and have a roster of local and internationally credited musicians and talent available to draw from as needed, if needed. 

(3) I compose music in all styles for commercial advertising, library use, video presentations etc.

(4) I'm a sightreading drummer that values groove above all else.

(5) Recording services - I can record local and remote interviews, voiceovers, podcasts etc. (See ISDN section for more information)

(6) My team and affiliated partners can provide you with professional photography and graphics,  artwork, CD duplication, social media (Youtube, iTunes, Spotify etc) to take your completed project to the public. 

(7) I seek out licensing and placement opportunities for your music in corporate ads, television, sponsorships etc so your music can earn royalty income

(8) If it's audio (anything that makes a sound), I can record it, manipulate it, and capture it. I've done everything from meditations set to music to inspire fertility, to interviews with top ranking CIA, to writing songs for toy bears, to recording a live jazz sextet.  Call to discuss.

(9) I am close to writing my exam to be an Apple Certified Pro (Logic X), and am available for consulting, Logic lessons, system troubleshooting, studio setup and workflow, recording and mixing techniques, vocal tuning, drum timing, and all things music production.